土鈴のできるまで… Until clay bell is made......

The flow of a manufacture
企画・構想 A plan and design
デザイン Design
Trial production (based on paper clay etc.)
The work which exceeds 30 focusing on a zodiac animal thing is manufactured.
New work is left from mainly taking in the feeling of a season.
* clay to use is the powder of the fire-resistant ground at namikosi of Shigaraki -- a thing They are local mountain mud a thing, the thing which added the powder of mica further, to red clay. According to the work, it uses properly.
※電気窯で900度まで上げています。200個を焼くとおおよそ9時間ほどかかります。 * It is raising by electric kiln to 900 degrees. If 200 pieces are burnt, it will take about 9 hours about.
* In being expensive although there is no that which suits rock paints, in coloring Preservation does not hear but china-painting is acrylics paints chiefly. Turner Co. It is used by mixing mat medium with an acrylics gouache. Free, Whitewash must be used when making the whole into a white ground. because It is because the fascinating white of whitewash can never be taken out with acrylics paints.
※紐の素材選びにはずいぶん迷ったものの、現在はラフィアに落ち着いています。作品によっては布紐があう場合もあるので、これには津久井の地場産である組み紐を使うようになりました。 * Although it wavered in a string's material choosing fairly, it has settled in Raffia now. Since clothstring may suit with some work, it is local made of Tsukui at this. It came to use a plaited cord.
研ぎ Grinding
In a certain meaning, it is most serious work. Because, unglazing powder comes out. Since it carries out by , and a pine is bad and power's is in the finger point, a number is managed. It is because time is taken. The cloth file of No. 50, and the sand of No. 100 It works, using a paper together.
Prototype manufacture
油性粘土を使っています。なによりも製形がしやすく、やり直しがきき、しかも石膏からの型離れがいい。泣きどころはあまり複雑なかたちにはできないこと。逆にいうとのんびりしたローカルカラーをかもしだすには最適ということになりましょうか。 Oily clay is used. whata form carrying out being easy, redo hearing. And the model detached building from gypsum is good. A weak point is the inside of complicated not much. Don't do. Conversely, it is in order to brew the calm local color if it says. Shall that it is the optimum it is said?
型取り Type
(Gypsum is used)
枠をどうするか、中央の分離点をどうやってなめらかにするか、など問題の多い作業ですが、現在は段ボールを使用することである程度解決しています。 Or [ what a frame is carried out, / smoothing a central dissociating point what ], etc. It is the grade which is using corrugated paper now although it is the work with many problems. It has solved.
It is based on a gypsum type. Model aggressiveness fabrication
It takes in a hand, as a proper quantity is rubbed, it is extended, and it pushes into a model. It is the quality of a nerve not much. It advances by touch that a arm is also good, without becoming. After the model aggressiveness of right and left, a bell ball made beforehand is enclosed at the time of fabrication. A model on either side is set.string hall is opened, after setting for a while and taking out. If it gets dry to some extent bell hall is cut, a graver is used and they are sharpness, such as the beak of a bird, and the pattern of a shuttlecock. A required line is made.
乾燥 Dryness
室内で2日、天日で2日それぞれしっかり乾燥させます。 It is made to dry firmly by sun-dried, indoors for two days for two days, respectively.
焼成 Calcination
水洗い Washing in water
タワシを使ってまんべんなく洗います。乾燥には電子レンジを使うのが手っ取り早い。もちろん天日乾燥してもかまいません。 It washes uniformly using a scrubbing brush. An electronic range is used for dryness. It is quick. Of course, you may carry out sun-dried dryness.
絵付け China-painting
Follow a string and complete.